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Progress, Preparation and Plans

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman


Shortly after we posted our last update, we were notified by those whom we were collaborating with on the Aquaponics project that the project for January and February would be postponed due to the lack of complete funding. Although we were looking forward to that project with eager excitement we trust that this project will be completed in God’s perfect timing. Although the Aquaponics project here in Guatemala was postponed we are going to get the opportunity to help with another sort of Aquaponics project during the last week of March and the first week of April while we are ittinerating. We will be helping to develop training curriculum on how to set up and run a greenhouse based Aquaponics unit. We believe that this will enable missionaries around the world to start using Aquaponics as a tool to love their neighbor and fulfill the Great Commission.

God opened many doors of opportunities for us to serve the people of Guatemala last month. The second week of January we had a short term team here for a week. Jesse was able to put his Spanish to use by translating for the short term team members in a local church.  That same week we were able to go to the village of Campesino, to paint the church that our team here has been working with Pastor Pedro to build. Everyone in Campesino, even the nonbelievers, is excited to see this church in their community. This church is going to further assist Pastor Pedro and his congregation in being a light to the lost.


At the beginning of December we were able to visit a new village named Las Gaviotas. This village is less than a year old and is just getting started. There are 15 families in the village and they are struggling to survive at this point. A lot of their huts do not even have walls and they sleep on plastic bags on the ground.  These are the worst conditions we have ever seen in a village. They expressed that their greatest need was clean water. Last month our team was able to make 2 more visits to this village. In the first visit we went with the short term team and we were able to help install a water catchment system that will provide drinking water for the village.

Our team was also able to bless each family in the village with a bucket of cooking essentials and a blanket to help them stay warm. Jesse and I were able to share the story of salvation with the children in the village through interactive storytelling.  During our second visit to the village Jesse and I were able to minister to the village by sharing with them Jeramiah 29:11. We encouraged the people to seek and trust God. We encouraged them to believe, even in their hard times, that God has plans to prosper them and not to harm them, plans to give their village a hope and a future if they will seek Him and put Him first above all else. We are looking forward to our next visit to see the people of Las Gaviotas and their precious children. We are praying and asking God how He wants to continue to use our team there.

Sara is now 6 months pregnant and about to enter into her last trimester! We are so happy to be having a boy! We continue to get more and more excited as he continues to grow and we feel his kicks and thumps. After much prayer and talking with our leadership we know God is leading us to have our baby in the states. As our family and ministry is growing so is our need for more partners in ministry. We will be returning to the states at the end of this month to itinerate and partner build before giving birth to our son. We are planning to return to Guatemala to continue the work here as soon as our son’s paperwork comes through.


  • For safety on 2/6/13 as we go on a journey to explore a village called the “Lone Chicken”. It is out in the middle of nowhere and the roads are so bad that no vehicles can get there so we will be riding the last couple of hours on horseback to make it to the village.
  • Please keep our health in your prayers as well. Jesse is currently dealing with a cold and bad chest congestion.
  • Sara has been taking online courses from SAGU’s school of distance education and will be graduating on May 3rd with her BA in Intercultural Studies. Our Son is due on May 15th. Please keep Sara and our son in your prayers especially with us traveling so much and her graduation being so close to her due date.
  • Please be praying and believing with us for more partners to join our team and for our new monthly budget to be raised!
  • This month, February 9 through the 16th, we will be hosting our Cousin Duane who ministers to firefighters. Duane will be coming to minister to the firefighters, their families, and to bring firefighter equipment to the fire station here in our community. Please pray that these firefighters and their families would be touched by the love of God. Please pray also that God will give Duane the words to speak and that He will guide Jesse as he translates.
  • Please pray for strength and encouragement for the people of Las Gaviotas, and for our continual involvement in this village.
  • Safe travels as we visit our partners and build new partnerships in CA, VA and TX.


Sara and I are so grateful for your prayers and your partnership with us!

May God Bless you abundantly,

Jesse & Sara Eggman



Fighting Poverty With Fish

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman

Hello everyone!

We hope that you are all doing well and are abundantly blessed! We would just like to say thank you for all of your prayers for us and the baby! I (Sara) am now 4 months pregnant and just beginning to show. The first few months were difficult but ever since the second trimester began things have been so much better! We saw our doctor here in Guatemala last week and he said that both the baby and the pregnancy are coming along wonderfully.  Thank you to all of you who have also been praying for me and for my studies. I just finished my distance education semester and am so excited to only have one semester more to complete before I graduate with my Bachelors in Intercultural Studies. It has been quite a challenge adjusting to Guatemala, performing ministry, being a newlywed wife all the while taking 12 hours of university classes! Your prayers have meant so much to us and we appreciate them greatly!

God is continuing to guide us and lead us and we are so excited to share with you a new and exciting tool that we feel God is placing in our hands to use in our ministry of Community Transformation. We are looking forward with anticipation to next year and all that we are going to do together for the Kingdom of God. This new tool that I am talking about is Aquaponics. Aquaponics is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a recirculating environment. That just means that “you feed the fish, the fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish.” (See diagram provided by Aquaponics & Earth website below)

Here are two YouTube videos on Aquaponics if you are interested in learning more. The first is very simple and short and the second is made by Purdue University and is much more detailed.



The Aquaponics systems we are planning to build are self-sustaining once they are up and running. Aquaponics has endless applications but let me tell you about the three that I am most interested in.  We plan to use Aquaponics systems to feed and provide for the poor. Not run it for them but teach them how to use it for themselves. For example teaching orphans how to run one of these systems to provide food for their entire orphanage. This has been done successfully in Mexico, now we want to apply it here in Guatemala. Another possibility I am very interested in is working with local pastors to use Aquaponics systems to help with church planting. For example when a pastor starts a church in a new village we could use one of these systems to help support the pastors family and the church itself and eventually use it to fund sending out national missionaries into the surrounding villages. Thirdly using Aquaponics Systems to fight poverty could be used as a means to get into closed countries. This would open the door for us to be able to bless millions who are unreachable at the moment and to share the good news with more people than ever!

Sara and I are excited about all the different ways these Aquaponics systems could potentially change the world but we are especially excited about a project we are collaborating on to install our first Aquaponics system here in Guatemala in February 2013. We have already been working on this project for a couple of months now in the development stage with our Go To Nations directors, The President of GloDev (, and The President of Aquaponics and Earth ( . We plan to install a complete Aquaponics system at a center called My Sweet Refuge which takes in and cares for the homeless elderly. Because of a political change My Sweet Refuge had its government funding cut off which left all the homeless elderly who are taken care of there, and workers that take care of them, in a very tough spot. We want to install an Aquaponics system there so that both the workers and the homeless elderly who live there will have sufficient food to eat and go hungry. We are really excited about this and will be keeping you up to date as this project progresses!

Prayer Requests:

  • Continual prayer for Sara, the baby, and the pregnancy.  
  • Please pray for safety as we travel to the states to be with our family for the Christmas holidays.
  • That God’s blessings and provision would be on the plans for the Aquaponics System we hope to help install in February.

We are so grateful to each of you that partner with us!  Know that you have a very special role in fulfilling the great commission.  Your prayers, financial partnership, and encouragement are what help us to do this! Know that you have and are continuing to make a difference here in Guatemala and are making a huge impact in many lives here, including our own. Together, we are affecting lives for eternity! We pray for you, that God’s blessings and provision would be poured out abundantly upon you and your families daily!

If you are not currently partnering with us and would like to, please get into contact with us!

Since there has been a problem with our updates going to some of your spam accounts I will mention again that if you add the e-mail address that I use to send out these updates ([email protected] & [email protected]) to your contact list then our updates will never go to your spam folder and you should always receive them when we post them.  

Have a Wonderful and Merry Christmas,

Jesse & Sara Eggman

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New Adventures

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman


I hope you’re all doing well!

Jesse & I would just like to thank all of you who have been praying for us in regards to us trying to start a family. Thank you for all of your prayer support and words of encouragement this past March while we were experiencing our miscarriage. It has meant so much to us to have you standing beside us this past year and believing God with us for a baby. You have been such a blessing to our lives. We want to share with you that God has heard all of our prayers and has granted Jesse and I the desires of our hearts!  We are excited and extremely happy to share with you that we are pregnant and are expecting a baby in May! This past week we were blessed and in awe as we got to see and hear our little baby’s tiny heartbeat! Please continue to pray for us as we embark on this exciting and new adventure. Please pray that we will have a healthy pregnancy without any problems or complications. Thank you so much!!!

Below is a video update on what has been going on here in Guatemala and in our lives over the past two months.  Enjoy!


Sara and I are so grateful to each of you that partner with us! Together we are fulfilling the Great Commission!

If you are not currently partnering with us and would like to, please get into contact with us!

We would love to hear from you so please give us a call or shoot us an e-mail when you get a chance!

Since there has been a problem with our updates going to some of your spam accounts I will mention again that if you add the e-mail address that I use to send out these updates ([email protected] & [email protected]) to your contact list then our updates will never go to your spam folder and you should always receive them when we post them.  

May God Bless You Abundantly,

Jesse & Sara Eggman

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The Last 3 Months…

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman


The last three months have been full of work, hardship and trials but have also been full of learning, maturing, growth, blessings and victories. It’s been quite an amazing journey. We were involved in childrens work, humanitarian relief and development work, medical clinics, discipleship training, and conflict resolution training. We saw miracles, healings, and many salvations as well as individuals grow and overcome obstacles in their lives. It was incredible to get to be a part of it all!

Sara and I put together a short video to summarize everything we have been doing the past 3 months.


Below is a interactive map for you to get a feel for where we are and where we have been working. 

[map id=”5″]

Here are a few highlights from the past few months.

It seemed like everywhere we ministered to children we saw salvations. All in all I would estimate that there were between 50 to 100 children who raised their hands to receive Jesus.

During our time in the villages we would split up into groups and go to different huts. We would go to get to know the people, tell them the good news about Jesus and pray for those who were not well. On one of these trips a man came up to me and requested that we come to his house to pray for him. Upon arrival he announced to us that he wanted to re-dedicate his life to Jesus. He had fallen away from God at one point in his life and became a heavy drinker. When he decided that he wanted to change his life and get right with God, the church he used to  attend told him that he  couldn’t give his life to Jesus a second time. This left him feeling as though he was stuck in his sins with no way out. We shared the story of the prodigal son with him and made sure he really did want to make Jesus Lord of his life. He couldn’t wait to rededicate himself to God and prayed to rededicate his life to Christ right then and there! After we prayed with him, he couldn’t stop crying or smiling. His tears of sadness had turned into tears of joy!

On another of our village trips some of the interns were asked to return to the house of a couple that they had prayed for on a previous visit. This was an elderly couple that the interns had been told were on their death beds. We were told that as soon as the interns had walked out the door this elderly couple had been instantly and completely healed. The husband, who had not worked for the last ten years because of his health, was out in the fields working and the wife looked like a new woman! They both wanted to receive Jesus! That was the start of many miracles and many people turning to Jesus.

Sara and I are so grateful to each of you that partner with us! Without your prayers, financial partnership, and encouragement we couldn’t have done any of this! You have made a difference here in Guatemala and have made a huge impact in many lives here! Together we are fulfilling the Great Commission!

We would love to hear from each of you! Please give us a call or shoot us an e-mail when you get a chance!

If you are not currently partnering with us and would like to please get into contact with us!

As a side note I have been told that if you add the e-mail address that I use to send out these updates ([email protected] & [email protected]) to your contact list then our updates will never go to your spam folder and you should always receive them when we post them.  


May God Bless You Abundantly,

Jesse & Sara Eggman    


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Newsletter Archives

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well!

I was going through our old posts on our blog and updating them and in the process accidently re-posted our May 2011 Newsletter titled “Relief Effort”. I apologize if you mistakenly re-received that update from me in an e-mail yesterday!

Sara and I are very busy with our involvement in the Timothy Internship Program run by Go To Nations here at the missions base where we live, in Peten, Guatemala. We are on week 8 out of 10 right now. God has been moving mightily in the village that we have been working in during this time. There have been many salvations and multiple miracles. We are so excited to share these testimonies with you! We will be sending another update at the end of the internship with these testimonies so that we can rejoice together about all that God has done! Please keep us in your prayers as we finish up this time of growth and ministry.

Below is a picture of Sara and I with Melody Garofalo, the TIP Director, Jesse Landis, Director of CFNI’s Missions Major and the Timothy Program Interns.

It has continued to come to my attention that many of you are not receiving all of our updates or are finding them in your spam folder. I am so sorry about that. To combat this problem I have created an archive of all of our past newsletters/updates. So if you want to check and see if there were newsletters/updates that we sent out that you never received you can go to OUR NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES.

If a month goes by in the future and you have not received an update from us then you can go to our blog to make sure you have received our latest update.

We are so grateful to all of you and apreciate all of your support, prayers and partnership more than we can adequately describe! Your a HUGE blessing!

Please keep us in your prayers!


       Jesse & Sara



Training and Discipleship

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman

These past few weeks have been weeks of learning. I (Sara) have been taking Spanish lessons which are helping to improve my Spanish. It has been a little bit of a challenge but I am really enjoying it.  We have also been studying the structure and vision of the church we have been attending as well as some of the culture of the Guatemalan people.

God has definitely been stirring some new things inside of us. One thing specific that He has been strongly speaking to our hearts about is discipleship. Discipleship is a huge need in Guatemala and is desperately lacking in many areas. Every day we can walk into stores or a taco stands that say “Jesus Christ lives” “God Bless you” or “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.” Yet, in the exact same place there can be vulgar music playing or something highly explicit on the TV.  Another example are the “tuc tucs” (public transportation) that may have “Jesus Christ” written in the front and a marijuana sticker on the back. In many of the homes unfortunately things are not much different. It is heartbreaking that the name of Jesus Christ sometimes appears to be used solely as a good luck sign.

We have been challenged with the questions of what exactly is discipleship, what should discipleship look like in Guatemala and what is it exactly God would have us to do to help with this huge need! Right now we are in a process of prayer and contemplation, but what we do know for sure is that we want to pour our lives into discipling the lost. Our desire is to see the Guatemalans as well as the Native Mayans  come to know Jesus in such an intimate way that “Jesus Christ” would no longer be just a good luck sign but that they would walk and live in the power of His name.


In the meantime… we have had really awesome opportunities to get involved in some of the other ministries on the base.  I (Jesse) have been blessed to be able to take part in helping to build two churches during the past 3 months. One is in a large village called Campesino, where church growth has been so great that they no longer fit in the old church building. Back in 2011 I had the pleasure of getting to do a series of teachings at this church on using your time for eternal purposes. I hope to continue working with Campesino in the future. The other church is being built in a town called Poptune. I am thrilled that the pastor of that church, Mynor Vasques, is helping to translate a discipleship program into the Kekchi language. Kekchi is the Mayan language that is spoken in almost every village we are working in. Pastor Mynor did ask me to mention that they would love if there were any individuals or churches in the States that would like to help partner financially with them in building their church. If you are interested in that please e-mail me at [email protected]

We have also been blessed to be able to be involved in Chris Russel’s (another missionary) children’s ministry to our community. Each Friday there are games, worship songs, a bible story and snacks. We have enjoyed so much to be able to pour out the love of Jesus on about anywhere from 100 to 400 kids each week. It is amazing to see the children come every week with the confidence that they are loved. It blesses us when we are walking down the dirt road when suddenly a child runs up to us and squeezes us tightly. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” (Matt 19:14) It blesses our heart to know that these children know that they can run open armed and they will be embraced with the love of Jesus.

Please pray for:

  • Sara and I as the 10 week Timothy Internship Program (TIP) begins next week. I will be assisting directing while Sara will actually be an intern going through the 10 week program herself. Please pray that God would give us strength and that he would mold us according to his will during this training.
  • That God will continue to speak to our hearts and guide us in what He would have us do regarding the ministry of discipleship.
  • That He continues to protect us from all attacks of the enemy.
  • That He continues to provides good, deep, strong friendships for us.

Thanks so much to each of you our partners! Your a huge blessing and we couldn’t do it without you! 

God Bless,

        Jesse & Sara Eggman


Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning!

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman


Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!

We have learned the truth of this psalm these past few weeks here in Guatemala. We have been blessed to experience intimacy with Jesus as we have learned how to gracefully walk through pain.

We were able to get settled into our beautiful new home here in Guatemala. However, from the very moment we landed on the runway in Guatemala Sara started having terrible pains in her stomach. We had found out a few months earlier in the States that we were pregnant so we went to see a doctor here in the Petén. The doctor told us that Sara was having a miscarriage. This confirmed what the doctors in the States had been telling us was going to happen. The process lasted a very long and trying month before it concluded. God was faithful and took care of both of us throughout it all. It was a painful experience but through it we learned how to lean on God as well as how to be there for each other in a time of pain and sorrow.  Sara has had a full physical recovery and both of us have recovered emotionally. The doctor has confirmed that she is in perfect health. Praise God! Below is a pic of us in front of our new home.

Right after our miscarriage ended Jesse and I were invited to go to a tiny village called La Colonia. This village is about a 4 hour drive from our home. In 2011 Jesse was privileged to get to help and work with this village in building their own Church. On this occasion we were asked to do a children’s program similar to a children’s church service. I (Sara) was extremely excited because this is my heart’s passion. We were expecting about 30 children since it is such a tiny village. We were absolutely shocked to arrive and see about 140 children excitedly waiting for us! Including youth and adults there were approximately 200 people there! Pastor Jose, the pastor of La Colonia, had made an announcement to a nearby village that there was going to be a children’s program that day for the kids. He had invited everyone to come and that all were welcome. He told us, “I couldn’t believe it when so many people showed up! It was absolutely a miracle since normally no one ever pays attention to such an invitation.” Most of the children there had walked about 3 miles to be there!

We spoke to the children that day about how precious and important they are to God. We told them how unique and special He had created each of them and how deeply God loves them. We used various illustrations about how God wanted to protect them and have a relationship with them directly. Towards the end we invited the children to come forward if any of them wanted to accept Jesus into their hearts and make Him their Lord and Savior. The seconds seemed to tick by so slowly as no one moved at all. I thought no one was going to come forward until two adorable little girls, about 3 or 4 years old, voluntarily got up and started walking towards the front. That broke the ice and in a massive migration about 80 children got up and walked forward!!! It was so amazing to look into their eyes and see clearly that they knew and understood the decision they were making.  Another missionary there told us, “We have never seen anything like this happen before.” We were all stunned and astonished at what God had done and that He had allowed all of us to be a part of it. He was obviously the coordinator of the event and He had plans of His own for that day and for the children who were there!

On a more personal note Sara and I are getting plugged into a local church here as well as joining a cell group of the church we are attending. We are very happy that we have begun to make new friendships as well as reacquaint ourselves with old friends.

Please pray that:

  • -God continually gives us clear direction
  • -That He protects us from all attacks of the enemy.
  • -That He provides good, deep, strong friendships for us.
  • -That we stay focused on doing only those things that He would have us to do here.

Thank you all so much for your partnership, sacrificial giving, and friendships!

Please e-mail us at [email protected]  or message us on Facebook to let us know what is going on in your lives and how we can be praying for each of you!

God Bless,

Jesse & Sara Eggman


Safe Arrival

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman

Hey Everyone, 

We just wanted to let you all know that we arrived safely at our new home in the Petén jungle of Guatemala. Praise God, we arrived  without any problems or complications whatsoever. We know that God had us in the palm of His hand the whole way! Below you can see pictures of us right before getting onto the turbo prop plane we flew on into the Jungle. Currently we are busy setting up our new home. We will write again in a month or so to update you on everything. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all of your prayers during this time and for partnering with us! 

God Bless, 

      Jesse & Sara Eggman



Quick Update

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman

Greeting Everyone! 

God is so Good!

SHOCKED, AWED & BLESSED… That’s how Sara and I felt yesterday after a young couple about our age gave us $3,500 to put towards our mission of sharing the Love of Jesus with the people of Guatemala. They had gotten it back on their tax return and wanted to sow it ALL into partnering with us and our mission. Sara and I are honored and humbled that we have such generous and dedicated partners. Its times like this when others give so sacrificially that I remember just how great our responsibility is to effectively administer these resources to advance God’s Kingdom.

Thank you so much to each of you who pray, give, and partner with us! Individually this would be impossible but together WE WILL not only change lives but eternally impact the nation of Guatemala and the world.

Sara and I fly out this Saturday (March 3rd) and will be arriving at our new home in Guatemala Sunday evening. Please keep us in prayer during this time!

We are SO CLOSE to reaching our monthly budget. With the pledges we have received and the money that has come in we are only $133/month away from being fully funded. Multiplied by the 12 months we committed to be in Guatemala that is only $1596. Personally I believe that will come in before we even leave for Guatemala since that is what we have been praying for!

Thanks again for all your prayers and support! I plan to very shortly be able to report that all the funds came in and that we made it there safely!

God Bless,

         Jesse & Sara Eggman



Almost There!!!

   Posted by: Jesse & Sara Eggman

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & New Years! 

Sara & I have been very busy but thank God we did have time to relax and enjoy ourselves over the Holidays. 

I just wanted to give you all a quick update to catch you up on all of our recent activities.

In the past four months we have:

  • Traveled to FL so that Sara could join Go To Nations
  • Completed Kingdom Come Training (Required by GTN)
  • Completed Restoring the Foundations Training (Required by GTN)
  • Spoken at Churches
  • Spoken at a public school
  • Spoken to a youth group
  • Spent time with current partners in CA, VA & TX
  • Met with families and with groups of people to share about our work in Guatemala.
  • Built new partnerships in CA, VA & TX

Currently we are still itinerating and doing partner development full time. Since September we have made great headway. Sara and I are now at 83% of our new joint budget. God willing we will be leaving for Guatemala in early March. We still need much more to get to 100% of our budget but we are confident that God will bring in all the necessary funds! We plan to live and work in Guatemala for at least 12 months.   

Please pray:

  • For us as we share at Sara’s home church on Feb. 5th
  •  For our upcoming fundraiser
  • For us as newlyweds (We have been married 5 months now)
  • For our health (Both Sara and I have been fighting off different sickness and we both need dental work)
  • For more people & churches to partner with us
  • That the remaining 17% of our budget is provided for before March 1st

Thank you so much to each of you who faithfully pray and give!

God bless,

        Jesse & Sara Eggman