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Sara and I are full time missionaries with Go To Nations serving in Guatemala. We do Community Transformation work in small Mayan villages as well as discipling both children and adult leaders who will in turn disciple other leaders. We plan to continue building water filters, schools and churches and to be involved with things like conducting medical clinics and education projects.


Most importantly we will be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all those we come into contact with. We will be working hand in hand with local pastors and missionaries to reach villages in the Petén for Jesus. Our desire is to start a church planting movement that will take the Good News to every village in Guatemala. Through these strategic efforts we plan on transforming not only the Petén region of Guatemala, but eventually the world!

We can’t do this alone and need people who want to partner with us! We are currently looking for families or individuals who would like to join our ministry team by praying for us as well as partnering with us financially on a monthly basis.  If you feel like God would have you to partner with us in fulfilling the Great Commission please e-mail us at [email protected]. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would just like to know more.

Your prayers are of the utmost value to us because without the Lord’s presence and guidance, this endeavor will be without any lasting fruit. Pray for many lives to be transformed!

God Bless,

Jesse & Sara Eggman